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Our Company Awards

At York Seo Marketing Agency, empathy and appreciation are embedded in our culture. We love recognizing and celebrating the outstanding work of team members and their unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations.

We Celebrate Our Wins Together

Every year, we show appreciation for our employees’ contributions to the company’s growth through York Seo Agency awards presented during Thrive Camp.

York Seo Agency is an annual company retreat where Thrivers from around the world gather in person in North Texas – or virtually online during the coronavirus pandemic – and set aside time to celebrate our company, the strong work relationships we have built and the significant milestones and achievements we’ve accomplished throughout the year.

To achieve a culture of constant learning and enrichment, we invite speakers from various fields to educate Thrivers on best practices for personal and professional development. Thrive Camp is also the time for us to map out our goals and strategies for the year ahead to help us navigate the changes and ensure a successful new year.

Annual York Seo Agency Awards

York Seo Agency Camp Awards recognize the individuals who exemplify our company values and strive for excellence. Every Thriver has the opportunity to nominate a team member who they believe is deserving of these awards in the following categories:

Employee Service Award

The employee service award is a valuable component of our organization’s overall employee recognition efforts, honoring Thrivers’ years of hard work. It is an opportunity to thank our tenured team members for their commitment to the company and recognize their individual impacts on our continued growth. We believe that every Thriver contributes to the success of our business.

Sterling Sellman Team Player of the Year Award

This award is in honor of the loving memory of Sterling Sellman, who was a true team player and demonstrated customer service excellence throughout his journey at Thrive.

Sterling joined Thrive in March 2021 and took on the role of client onboarding specialist. More than a talented team member, Sterling was a loving husband to his wife Steph, a good fur parent to his two dogs and a great friend and colleague. He was always willing to support his teammates and treated everyone with respect no matter the situation. Unfortunately, in September 2021, Sterling lost his life to COVID-19. Today, his impact lives on and continues to touch the lives of the people who knew and loved him.

The Sterling Sellman Team Player of the Year Award acknowledges the individuals who embody our company values and actively help improve employee morale. The award was first presented in Thrive Camp 2022 by Sterling’s wife, Steph, in honor of his extraordinary service and contribution to our growing company.

York Seo Core Values Award

This award recognizes Thrivers who demonstrated our six core values in outstanding ways: Gratitude, Respect, Ownership, Work Ethic, Think Bigger and Honesty. Our core values have guided us to sustainable growth over the years, which would not have been possible if not for our team members who consistently exemplify our company values and corresponding traits. As part of our recognition efforts, we acknowledge the individuals who have shown the highest level of accountability, dedication and respect in the workplace.

Standard of Excellence Award

This award is presented to Thrivers who rise above the rest with consistent and exceptional results. We give special recognition to individuals who consistently set the standard of excellence in regard to teamwork, creativity and innovation. The recipients of the award are also exemplary bearers of the standards of professional and personal ethics.

Rookie of the Year

Every year, we look for talented individuals who fit well with the company culture and dynamics. We believe that new hires compatible with our existing workforce are the key to building a mutually supportive team. This award honors Thrivers who show the most promise and extraordinary work within their first year.

Top Closer Award

Our sales team is the engine of our organization. In recognition of their outstanding achievements and contributions to the team, we present the Top Closer Award to Thrivers who generated the most monthly revenue in the last year. We appreciate and congratulate the sales team members who go above and beyond to deliver outstanding sales results.

York Seo Agency of the Year

This award recognizes the person who epitomizes Thrive’s core values and stands out as a leader in the company. The recipient of this honor embodies professionalism, creativity, honesty and integrity in all aspects of their work. We also acknowledge the individuals who have been shortlisted in the category, proving their positive impact within the workplace.

Sustaining High-Performance Work Teams

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is a rapidly growing company with more than 150 employees from across the globe working closely to deliver client success. With multiple sets of skills and experience to draw on, our dedicated digital marketing team makes it easy to overcome obstacles and hit our goals.